Charles Newton Kirtland
(1839 – 1901)

Died at the age of 61 and is
Buried in the Riverside Cemetery

Nov. 22, 1839

Mary Fitch Kirtland, second wife of Henry Turhand Kirtland gives birth to a third son. Mary is now 30 and Henry is 44. They name him Charles Newton and he is welcomed into the family by his older brothers; 9 year old Edmund, and 6 year old George. Half-brother Cook Fitch is away at school and more interested in girls than another baby brother. Judge Turhand Kirtland, founder of Poland, greets his 20th grandchild at Henry’s farm located just west of the Poland Village Green.
Grandfather Turhand Kirtland dies and leaves his large land holdings in the Western Reserve to his family.
Brother Edmund dies at the age of 18.
Charles attends Poland Academy but leaves due to an illness. While working out-of-doors on his father’s farm he regains his health.
Charles helps his half-brother, Cook, plan for a new cemetery in Poland to be laid out on the east side of Yellow Creek.
At 27 Charles meets and marries 20 year old Julia Ellen Fitch, daughter of William Haines Fitch. In June young Carson Justice’s parents die and he comes to live with Julia Ellen, his half sister.
A son is born and named Elmer. He grows up to be an engineer and moves to Beaver, Pa.
Brother George Potter Kirtland dies at the age of 39 and was buried in the new Riverside Cemetery.
In the spring Charles starts building a new home on North Lima Road. In the fall Carson Justice leaves for medical school in Cleveland. In November a daughter is born and named May Julia.
Father Henry T. Kirtland dies at the age of 79. Henry leaves his estate to Charles’ mother. The homestead has grown to over 300 acres and includes property in both Boardman and Poland Townships. (being what is now Poland Forest)
Charles’ mother dies at the age of 68. The homestead is divided equally between her sons, Cook and Charles. Charles inherits 186 acres of land now known as Poland Manor.
The Poland Cemetery Association elects Charles to the Board of Trustees. Charles works along side his half-brother in maintaining the cemetery grounds. His farm now has 250 sheep. He owns over 600 acres in Columbiana County.
His wife, Julia Ellen, dies at the age of 35, leaving Charles to raise 2 young children.
Charles remarries. His second wife is Martha Fawcett from Salem, Ohio. Martha was born a Quaker in 1843 and died 100 years later. They have a son named William who dies in infancy. A second son named Louis Augustus is born in 1891 and goes to Rayen High School and marries Martha J. Sands.
Charles realizes his dream of seeing a Civil War Monument erected in the Cemetery. Brother Cook introduces Major McKinley, who delivers the dedication address.
In April half-brother Cook Fitch Kirtland dies after a short illness. Charles replaces his brother as president of both the Cemetery Association and the Farmer’s Deposit and Savings Bank in Poland.
May 27, 1901
Charles Newton Kirtland dies of a liver ailment. He leaves his widow the house at 118 North Lima Road and the homestead where he was born. Upon his death Charles is replaced on the Cemetery Board by his nephew, Dr. C.R. Justice.