Ellen Montgomery Hine (1873-1878)

Cecil Dwight Hine and Elizabeth, his wife, actually had two daughters. Their first born died at the age of five. Her death came one month after the birth of their second child. Nothing is known for the cause of Ellen’s death and several biographers do not even mention her. However, this much we do know. Cecil purchased the plot in the Poland Riverside Cemetery next to his wife’s family grave site. He erected a large monument between the two plots and on the east side had the words “Woodruff” carved and on the west side “Hine.” Then over his beloved child’s grave he placed a small footstone with the words “Ellie.” Today we read on the large monument the following: Ellen Montgomery Hine—Daughter of C.D. & Lizzie W. Hine--born August 21, 1873—Died August 19, 1878.