Martin A. Kimmel
(1854 – 1925)
Professor Kimmel was the superintendent of Poland Schools and also director of the Farmers Deposit and Savings Bank at the time of his election to the Cemetery Board.
Martin grew up on his father’s farm in Coitsville Township and graduated from the Poland Union Seminary in 1874. After graduation he divided his time between farming and teaching students in the winter. In 1880 Mr. Kimmel became the superintendent of the Poland Village Schools and made many improvements in the system, including the introduction of the high school curriculum. Mr. Kimmel became well known as an educator and in 1886 was elected as a member of the board of county examiners.
In 1877 Martin Kimmel married 23 year old Emma L. McNabb, who died in 1898, leaving two children named Jessie and Kennon. Jessie later became the wife of Dr. Edgar Tobey. Martin was married a second time in 1900 to Lillie B. Haynes, who happened to be a twin to Calvin T. Haynes.
On May 28, 1925 Mr. Kimmel suffered a stroke and died at his home on Poland Center Rd. At the time of his death he was the justice-of-the-peace of Poland Township, on the board of trustees of the Glenwood Children’s Home, a faithful member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Poland, and a charter member of Poland Lodge #34.

Martin A. Kimmel remained on the Cemetery Board of Trustees until his death at the age of 70. He is buried in Lot 186, overlooking Yellow Creek. With him is his wife, Lillie, who died in 1945